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Monthly site membership has many advantages!


*The Talent network board allows you to meet, chat, and network with the agency and other actors of various experience levels and career paths! You will also see agency tips, open casting calls and more!

Join Us!

  • Represented Talent

    Select this plan if you are represented by our agency.
    Free Plan
    • If we do not represent you - choose the public option .
  • Public Membership

    Every month
    Support services to help prepare you for representation.
    • Access to members only pages
    • Access to scam free, spam free, agency approved resources!
    • Access to the Talent Blog
  • Career Package

    Qualify for representation and auditions upon completion!
    Valid for one year
    • A free one hour call with an agent to cover any questions!
    • Getting Started - All the basics you need to know up front!
    • What an agent needs to successfully represent you!
    • What type of headshots you need and how to take them!
    • Taping instructions for both in studio and at home!
    • Acting & audition basics for in camera auditions
    • Job types, bookings, pay, and more business topics!
    • Set ettiquette - whats next when you book a job!
    • Many other benefits and tips included!
    • When you complete the training - submit your materials!
    • If your submitted video, photo, and acting are good.......
    • CONGRATULATIONS! You will be offered representation!
    • Learn and train at your own pace!
    • We guide you through each step!
  • Talent Membership

    Every month
    Benefits for monthly site members!
    • Private appointment hours reserved for talent training
    • Network, train, meet other actors and more - INVALUABLE!

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