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A new approach to representation and talent services! We do things differently!

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We are currently accepting submissions for professional representation from actors of all ages and experience levels nationwide! 

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We know first hand how hard it can be to navigate this industry! We opened Talent Agent Live so everyone who is serious about acting has the same opportunity to qualify for representation! Our agency has booked many talent  with no prior set experience! Ready for your opportunity?

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KidzAct Talent & The Actors

Agency has been representing quality talent for over 18 years!

Looking for alternate representation?

We offer experienced working talent exclusive agency incentives!

Click below to submit your materials and request representation! For more information on our agency visit


Schedule a phone call with us, contact us via online form, or email us!

Our number one question has always been, and remains in 2021!

"How do I get started?"

Other popular topics include talent agents vs. talent managers, auditioning tips, agency and representation questions,  help with scripts, sides, client instructions, taping, resumes, online profiles, headshots, and demo reel questions.

A professional, experienced talent agent will call or email you at your scheduled appointment time.


Talent Agent Live and KidzAct Talent have created an all new 2021 training and support system that can be customized to fit talent based on their individual needs and interests!

Over and over we see talent who have  paid for training from others and feel they are ready for representation; only to find our they have not been trained  properly or thoroughly and have to learn it all over again - the right way!

If you were sent an invitation to audition today, do you know what  to do? How it should be done?

When you are a beginner at anything, you have new things to learn regardless of age or level of talent. Acting is no different! Skills, education, commitment, creativity, passion, and the desire to learn the business are required!

We provide beginners of all ages experienced, safe, professional and valuable industry advice, training, support, career guidance, and more!

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